Anna Zawrotniak

Anna has several years of experience in active sales. She joined our team in 2020. She is responsible for expanding our client base and establishing relationships with them by arranging business meetings. As of 2023, in addition to her current tasks, she also works as a Junior Advisor and helps clients through the entire process of leasing a new office or renegotiating when renewing a contract. At work, she values trust and just working with people.

Her motto is: "Don't celebrate closing a sale, celebrate opening a relationship". With her ability to quickly establish contacts, she enjoys her work and does it meticulously. She is a fast-acting person, while being effective in her actions.

Anna has been dancing folk dances for over twenty years. She currently represents two Warsaw groups - Polkadot and Woda na Młyn, where she can be seen on stage every quarter. In addition, she sings in the ,,Gospel Gang" choir and tutors in Spanish. She loves Spanish culture, language and music, as she lived in Spain during her studies.

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