Lublin, Spokojna 2


Real estate

Building area

1.233 m2

Realized services:
  • Transaction consulting
  • Negotiations
  • Interior design
  • Investment supervision
    (project management)


TuMieszkamy is one of the largest companies in Poland managing housing communities in major cities.


TuMieszkamy's strategy was to create a modern office located in the center of Lublin. The organization's goal was to provide its employees with a work space that is both comfortable and functional. Accordingly, the company decided to locate the office in a central location in the city, so that its employees would have easy access to various service and retail outlets.


Brookfield Partners was selected for a project to create a modern regional office in Lublin. The priority was to create a friendly working environment in an attractive location, to provide employees with high comfort and access to a large number of service and retail outlets in the immediate vicinity.

The creation of a modern office is a key element of TuMieszkamy's strategy, as a well-designed work space increases productivity and employee satisfaction. That's why the company opted for modern solutions, such as ergonomic furniture, advanced technology, and functional space solutions.

The choice of a location in the center of Lublin is also important, as it allows employees easy access to various service and retail outlets. In this way, the company has created conditions that allow employees to make the most of their time, as they do not have to waste it commuting to work or shopping in distant places.

The introduction of this strategy by TuMieszkamy allowed the company to create optimal working conditions that improved the quality of life for employees. The modern office in the center of Lublin has become a place where employees enjoy spending time, which in turn translates into their productivity and job satisfaction.


Dominik Wrona 

Jakub Berenson - Architect, Project Manager, responsible for all technical issues

Magdalena Kozak - Architect, responsible for working on the office plan and design

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