Armii Ludowej 26, Focus



Building area

443 sq. m

Realized services:
  • Transaction consulting
  • Stay vs Go analysis
  • Renegotiation of lease agreement
  • Work environment studies (workplace)
  • Interior design
  • Investment supervision
    (project management)


Travelist is part of the international Secret Escapes group, the world's largest travel club, offering deals to millions of people across 3 continents. On their website, you will find numerous ideas for getaways in various corners of Poland and abroad.


The main goal of the Travelist company was to optimize office space. Additionally, the office was intended to be well-located for commuters, both by car and public transportation. All these criteria were met by the Focus office building.


The company Travelist has been occupying an office space of approximately 1000 m2 until now. In light of changes in the organization's work style and a desire to reduce office maintenance costs, Travelist decided to optimize its office space. Initially, a slightly smaller office was considered, but after evaluating the needs and creating office plans that took into account the client's guidelines, decisions were made to limit the space to around 400 m2. The new space was to include elements such as a kitchen with a communal area for meals, a large conference room, smaller meeting spaces, a reception area with a waiting room, a server room, and workstations suitable for various departments in the organization. Additionally, the company sought parking availability for cars, bicycle parking, and showers for cyclists, with a focus on a well-connected location for public transportation.

Travelist actively participated in the process of searching for a new office. The team quickly made strategic decisions at each stage of the process, addressing aspects related to interior design and project management. Throughout this process, significant meetings took place to discuss details related to the new office space and tailor it to the company's needs.

After creating a shortlist of potential offices, those best suited to Travelist's needs were selected, narrowing down the search field. Ultimately, the choice was made for the Focus office building, which met all the client's requirements.

"Thanks to the support of Brookfield Partners, we were able to carry out the relocation process smoothly and efficiently. The new office fully meets our expectations. At every stage of the project, we could rely on the professional support of Brookfield Partners," summarizes Radosław Frączek, Finance & Analytics Director at Travelist.


Katarzyna Stalmach - Senior Advisor

Magdalena Kozak - Architect, responsible for arrangement plans and interior designs

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