Gdański Business Center
Inflancka 4C, 00-189 Warszawa


IT Outsourcing partner

Building area

720 m2

Realized services
  • Transaction consulting
  • Stay vs Go analysis
  • Renegotiation of lease agreement
  • Work environment studies (workplace)
  • Interior design


SNI was founded in 2005 and is a reputable provider of IT outsourcing services to prestigious companies around the world. A professional team of specialists, oriented to the IT industry and high quality service distinguish SNI from the competition and ensure the efficiency of their processes.


SNI was keen to find an office that would be conducive to the growth of their team. Location, good transportation, parking, as well as amenities that can only be found in top-class office buildings were important to them. An important aspect was to provide a space convenient for employees, with comfortable furniture, a cozy, homey atmosphere and good lighting. In addition, the space was to be flexible, with plenty of meeting rooms and focus rooms to be conducive, both for work and for meetings of the entire team.


SNI's overriding goal was to find a place where the company could expand and hire new employees without hindrance. The main place the clients considered during the process was the Gdansk Business Center. This complex offered the most amenities and was in the best location.

During the initial phase of the search, SNI considered another space in the office building, but during the process the landlord proposed an office on the 5th floor, and it turned out that despite the unexpected twist, this office appealed more to the clients.

The clients were very involved in the process, refining the design together with the architects. Design played a big role, as the goal was to provide convenience and flexibility for the growing team, while maintaining a homey atmosphere.

In the process of designing and furnishing the office, a great deal of work was done by architect Magdalena Kozak, who kept in constant contact with SNI and helped them select furniture and other furnishings.

The process with SNI is our second collaboration; we also advised the company during the office leasing process in its previous location.


Paulina Protasow - Client Advisor, responsible for preparing the schedule, organizing the team and all issues related to commercial terms and conditions

Jakub Berenson - Architect, Project Manager, responsible for all technical issues

Magdalena Kozak - Architect, responsible for working on the office plan and design

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