Notus Finanse


Plac Unii, ul. Puławska, Warszawa



Building area

1450 m2

Realized services:
  • Transaction consulting
  • Negotiations
  • Studies of the work environment (workplace)
  • Interior design
  • Investment supervision
    (project management)


NOTUS Finanse is one of the largest and best-rated financial intermediary companies in Poland. The company's offer includes financial products from more than 15 top banks, and NOTUS branches are present throughout the country. One of NOTUS' main strengths is the very high quality of customer service, efficiency, professionalism and a wide range of mortgage and insurance products.


The main goal of the office makeover process was to create a space that would be a model in terms of color and design, both for the client's existing and future offices. Notus Finanse wanted to provide employees with a modern desktop and hybrid work environment. In the case of Nothus Finanse, the office is not just a space for employees, it is also a showcase and a place to meet with clients. That's why the company needed a separate area in the office with 15 meeting rooms and a large conference room connected to a coffee point where clients can feel comfortable and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.


At the beginning of the cooperation, the consultant prepared a list of buildings that met the guidelines for the location and standards of the space sought. Together with Notus Finanse, they managed to select a short list of buildings with which the company wanted to start more advanced negotiations. Number one for the client became the office part of the Plac Unii building. After preparing a functional floor plan, an office arrangement design, bids from finishing companies were collected to complete the projects.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the valuations of the finishing companies exceeded the assumed budget, which posed a big problem on the way to signing a contract in the building. Thanks to successful negotiations with the contracting companies, we managed to reduce the cost of the arrangement by 15%. The process was completed successfully and all the set assumptions were met.

The greatest reward of working in the Warsaw office was the trust we received, which allowed us to continue our cooperation on future projects.


Robert Romanowski - Senior Advisor

Jakub Berenson - Architect, Project Manager, responsible for all technical issues

Magdalena Kozak - Architect, responsible for work on the office plan and design

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