Four Suits Technology (Caesars Entertainment)


Brain Park, Kraków


IT services

Building area

1000 sq. m

Realized services:
  • Transaction consulting
  • Stay vs Go analysis
  • Renegotiation of lease agreement
  • Work environment studies (workplace)
  • Interior design
  • Investment supervision
    (project management)


The company Four Suits Technology specializes in the development and enhancement of products related to sports betting and iGaming. The Krakow-based team consists of the top minds in the technology industry, and the company strives to provide the best experiences to its customers through continuous improvement of its products.


Four Suits Technology was keen on finding an office that would foster the development of their team. Location was crucial to them, along with good communication and amenities that are only available in top-notch office buildings. Ensuring a convenient space for employees was a significant aspect, with comfortable furniture, a cozy, home-like atmosphere, and good lighting being important considerations.


The primary goal of Four Suits Technology was to find a place where the company could grow and hire new employees without hindrance. The organization planned to triple its team within a few months. The existing location lacked dedicated conference rooms and a separate space for HR meetings.

Four Suits Technology aimed to find an office in a modern building with amenities to ensure high comfort and a friendly working environment for its employees.

Ultimately, the company chose Brain Park in Krakow as its headquarters. The space met the expectations of clients who were highly involved in the entire leasing process.

The modern office in Krakow has become a place where employees willingly spend their time, contributing to their productivity and job satisfaction.


Filip Kościkiewicz - Partner, responsible for the preparation of the strategy, schedule, coordination of the team and negotiation of the lease terms

Magdalena Kozak - Architect, responsible for arrangement plans and interior designs

Jakub Berenson - Project Manager, responsible for technical audits of selected locations, supervision of contractor tenders, supervision of construction works and acceptance

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