Energix Poland


Warsaw, Elektrownia Powiśle



Building area

477 m2

Realized services:
  • Transaction consulting
  • Work environment studies (workplace)
  • Negotiations
  • Interior design
  • Investment supervision
    (project management)


Energix Poland is a rapidly growing company operating in the energy sector. It specializes in producing electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar. The company invests in modern technologies and infrastructure to support the energy transition and promote sustainable development. Energix Poland strives to create a clean and green environment, providing sustainable energy for society.


The office was to reflect the values of Energix Poland and be similar in style to the company's headquarters located in Israel. In addition, the office had to be well located for commuters, both by car and by public transportation. All these criteria are met by the historic, restored building that is part of the Powiśle Power Plant complex.


Brookfield Partners was selected for the process of finding a new location for the company. Energix Poland sought to create a unique office space in a prestigious location in the center of Warsaw. The international leader in the energy industry set a goal of creating an office that would not only reflect the company's values and style, but also harmonize with its headquarters in Israel. The central location of the Warsaw office was equally important for its access to key sites and convenient transportation links.

Energix was also keen to provide adequate rooms for the CEO, CFO and all other team members. A conference room and reception area were also essential elements of the office. The client wanted all these rooms to be as flexible as possible. In this case, modular walls were used, the arrangement of which can be changed and rearranged at will. The result can be an easy combination of two rooms into one large one, or vice versa. In addition, special coatings were used for the glass walls - electrochromic smart glass, which become less transparent under the influence of an appropriate electric voltage. This provides comfort and greater discretion and focus for those inside.

The team of architects designed the office space taking into account all the above requirements of the client in order to provide an efficient and functional work environment that meets the company's expectations.

The clients were very involved in the process, refining the design together with the architects. The company relied on modern solutions, such as ergonomic furniture, advanced technology, and functional space solutions.


Filip Kościkiewicz - Partner

Jakub Berenson - Architect, Project Manager, responsible for all technical issues

Magdalena Kozak - Architect, responsible for working on the office plan and design

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